Korean Beef

What happens when Chris and Catherine are too swamped to write a blog post about their new starters? The new starters set off on a journey of writing about themselves…

{Cue new starters}

We are Julia Whalley (Junior Designer) and Reuben Brown (Project Manager) — pleased to meet you. The two of us joining means that Cafeteria is now back up to 6 core members (excluding our extended family of freelancing super-humans); a number that’s been said to ‘deliver magic’ for the studio in the recent past.

Important notes on Julia would include her fluency in Italian (having lived her earlier years in Liguria), a past semi-pro career as a ‘capped’ England Volleyball player and the fact that she’s a little Riso-mad, being the proud owner of a Riso EZ370 printer (she still needs to figure out how she’ll relocate the Riso from Manchester to Sheffield next week).

Julia is no stranger to Cafeteria, having interned throughout the Summer of 2017. It is because of this that Julia is au fait with the team’s consistent good vibes and meticulous approach to every project, as much as the regular visits from sizeable Tree Bees through the open window, identified as such by their elongated wings and colour blocked pattern of tangerine, black and white from head to tail.

Needless to say, the latter was not something Reuben had expected and as his desk sits under such window it’s now his duty to gently scoop dozy tree bees back to the safety of the open air. Important notes on Reuben would include his penchant for analogue photography, his current fixation with ambient music and the fact that if you need to contact him on the weekend you better board a train to Edale and hike to the top of Kinder (if not there try Rushup Edge).

Week one conversations included League of Gentleman, 1970’s ice cream vans and how Julia had not encountered peanut butter until a Reese’s cup was thrown at her desk (shocker!). It was also the week that Chris apologised for not providing ‘Korean beef’ (meaning to say ‘a coherent brief’) which spoke a thousand words.

Ultimately this is what Cafeteria, as an ever–evolving creative agency, is all about — journeys from Korean beef to clear, coherent briefs, a process to which every member of the team plays an essential part. No passengers. And so to the kitchen…



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