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We’ve grown-up on exhibition design – we build their branding and marketing campaigns and design and install interpretation and interactives. We plan the layout of space, dress the building, create signage and exhibition merchandise. It’s a true specialism and something we never tire of.

Exhibitions are all about experience – the anticipation, the being there, and everything you take away in your heart and mind about what you’ve seen and felt. Perhaps that’s why we enjoy it: because the chance to really engage, or educate, or share, or inspire memories matters to us. And we’re good at it.

Being good is often helped by working in partnership with curators so that our vision is a common one. It also means really getting the intention of the show, and the expectation and wants of the audiences. What we then add is a creative approach that threads everything together – that’s how an exhibition turns from somewhere to go into something to feel.

Be it contemporary art and design, a broad thematic show or vibrant family-friendly exhibition, Cafeteria always approaches each brief with a fresh perspective, underpinned by a fundamental understanding of our brand identity and the organisation’s aspirations. They’re a genuinely lovely bunch to work with.
Eric Hildrew
Former Communications Manager
Museums Sheffield

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