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For as long as everyone carries the internet around in their pockets, a digital presence is an absolute necessity. The web is a vital means of expressing and disseminating brand – as the first point of contact for many, the job of your website is so much more than informing – it needs to excite, engage and compel. And inform.

By marrying our design capabilities to the work of digital specialists, we can create fully responsive websites that inspire and function seamlessly.

The freelance specialists we partner with have been tried, tested and chosen to give us a real variety of skills, so that we can design and build everything from complex bespoke sites to simple informative ones adapted from off-the-shelf platforms.

In all of our work, we begin with a focus on user experience, scoping and mapping sites and planning content. We can help there too – designing, writing and creating animation or film content that gives clients something to share, and developing the social media campaigns that build audiences to share it with.

Cafeteria are an as genuine and capable group of personalities as we could have wished for to help us to re-think and re-create our proposition. We particularly appreciated their tenacity in overcoming the inevitable challenges and their finely balanced sense of pragmatism and creative ambition. Add to that their dose of gritty wit and you have a great business partner.
Karl Kalcher
Managing Director

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