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Digital might have taken hold of the day-to-day, but print still gets us all giddy, perhaps because what you have at the end is something enduring – a book, a poster, a printed treasure. We love designing things that go on walls, sit on coffee tables, pawed over for years to come, or wait on shelves for future audiences to discover.

And so design for print, and the direction of content for print is a real thrill. Like many designers, we’re a bit silly for nice type, but we also relish the chance to work with some excellent photographers, illustrators, and copywriters where we see that their skills will bring an idea to life.

We manage the whole process and direction, with an outstanding bank of talent to choose from. For clients who know what they want their book, or campaign, or images to achieve, but don’t know how to get there, we bring together coherent, strategic and creative thinking, good ideas, and comprehensive management and direction. Win, win, win.

The Cafeteria have been a delight to work with. Practical and considered in their approach during our initial discussions, the team were focused and precise throughout the design phase.
Andrea Hadley-Johnson
Co-production and Engagement Manager
Derby Museums

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