The Path of Least Resistance

Artist in residence and friend of Cafeteria, Stephen Carley’s latest project The Path of Least Resistance consists of a collection of photograms, double exposed 35mm films and audio/visual performances that come together to create a dialogue between Stephen, the city of Sheffield and its surrounding landscape.

The photograms form the core of the creative outputs within the project. Each one is experimental by nature but has to adhere to a strict systematic process of creation. Stephen created three final compositions from these photograms (pictured), these compositions then informed the visual score for the audio/visual section of the project subtitled Audiomaps.

Stephen wanted Audiomaps to be a collaborative piece between himself, his son Patrick Carley (drummer of Frisk and Beta Blockersand myself (piano player/looper). We came together to turn the three photograms into an audio/visual experience. Each image was deconstructed and used as the inspiration to write a unique score and soundscape. The final output is a textural journey using samples, loops, percussion and piano with varying time signatures, tempos and styles.

The piece came together as a live performance at Access Space on the 2nd March, but we shall be adding further performances to the project (dates TBC). You can follow the project online via Stephens twitter and using the hashtag #thepath.

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