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In 2005, we opened Cafeteria, pooling decades of design and project management experience. It was the culmination of a simple ambition we’d been nurturing: to do it ourselves, making ideas work, with heart, dedication and skill, and to be nice, always.

Several years down the line we’re a tight, sharp, versatile team of six. We’ve loved (almost) every moment of partnering with clients in the arts, health, education, commercial and third sectors, on some really enjoyable projects. Our work – from the juicy brand identities and hefty wayfinding challenges, to the little digital delights and printed beauties – both makes us happy and keeps us awake at night.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Catherine Carley

Managing Director

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Chris Woodhams

Creative Director

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Tom Peet

Senior Designer

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Rhys Evans


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Reuben Brown

Project Manager

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Julia Whalley

Junior Designer

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How we work.

In our opinion there are four little things that will make or break a project: listening (intently), understanding (properly), responding (appropriately), and partnering with clients as closely as possible. The way we work joins the dots and keeps them joined, so the response never loses touch with where it came from.



We dig deep and listen hard to understand the true needs of our client, their project, its context, and its real opportunities to shine.



We explore that understanding, pushing and pulling it around, testing its potential, shaping and defining it so that we can all get behind an agreed project direction.



Our creative ideas are a direct response to the real challenge. We design an answer that works, and we deliver that by whatever means necessary: print, digital, exhibition, signage, environmental or otherwise (try us).



Not so much part of a process, just something integral to our way: we partner with clients, engaging them throughout so we work with people, not a brief sheet. Without fail, this makes for a much happier project and a better outcome.

Who we've
worked with.

The Cafeteria team forensically reviewed our business, extracted its essence and delivered a superb new identity. We cannot speak highly enough of the team and the manner in which they have clearly mastered their craft. We and our clients love our new brand and we will be taking the Cafeteria along with us over the next 25 years and beyond.
Kamal Chauhan
Director and General Counsel
Finch Consulting