Where Legends Grow

Sherwood Forest is a place that needs no introduction. Home to a wealth of flora and fauna, a thousand year old oak tree and most notably the legend of Robin Hood. But a new chapter in the history of Sherwood has begun and we have a pretty exciting role in shaping the story.

This Summer an RSPB-led consortium will take over management of Sherwood Forest. That includes the build of a brand new multi-million pound visitor centre, expanded conservation work and a raft of new visitor experience activities.

Last year, Cafeteria was chosen by the RSPB to create and deliver the brand and identity for Sherwood. Our successful proposal was built around the brand promise ‘Where Legends Grow’, an idea that captures the magic of Robin Hood, the majesty of the forests Oaks and presents the forest as a place to explore and leave with new memories and tales to tell.

Building on the underlying brand, the visual identity needed to feel welcoming but also hold a position of trust and responsibility with a touch of heritage. We steered well clear of any y’olde connotations (a style used rather heavily in the visitor centres current guise) and instead created a simple, bold and proud identity that works hand-in-hand with the RSPB in their position of ‘forest guardians’.

The success of the brand has sparked a strong relationship with the RSPB, enabling us to further help them expand the vision for Sherwood across multiple channels. Moving online we created the project development website with the full visitor focused site launching in a couple of months.

We were then commissioned to evaluate and create an engaging and easy to follow signage system for both the forest trails and the visitor welcome area. We’re no strangers to signage and it’s always great to see those ideas made physical.

Suffice to say we’re having a pretty busy summer.

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