Weston Park Cancer Charity rebrand

We’re incredibly proud to see the launch of our new brand for Weston Park Cancer Charity. With more people than ever facing cancer, the new brand aims to reflect the urgency of the message and capture the energy and ambition of the charity.

A clear and defined set of messages will, for the first time, help the charity to communicate the extent of their role in providing support, enabling research, enhancing treatment and caring in every sense for everyone affected by cancer. Campaigns will be led by the headline “When cancer changes everything, so can we” and underpinned by the strap line, “Together at every step”.

The identity is designed to connect with as broad an audience as possible. With a creative spectrum that ranges from inspiring people to get involved and raise money to providing all the necessary information to deal with cancer. We built on recognisable elements of the previous identity, emphasising the Weston Park name with a distinct and expressive WP monogram and reasserting the organisation’s use of purple as a brand colour with a richer and broader palette

The new brand brings together the charity and the cancer support centre, where many of the charity’s support services are delivered. “It’s really about uniting us all – the charity, support centre and Weston Park Cancer Centre,” explains Samantha Dixon CEO at Weston Park Cancer Charity. “Everything we do, from supporting patients, to funding lifesaving research or equipment is a joined-up effort to help everyone live the best possible life with and beyond cancer. We are all in it together when it comes to helping patients – it makes sense for our brand to unite us too.”

The project has seen the complete roll out of the new brand across a full suite of marketing material, signage, stationery, merchandise, literature, digital assets and a promotional campaign video. The launch marks the first of many successful outputs from our partnership with the Weston Park Cancer Charity and we look forward to sharing much more with you soon.

You can view the campaign video here. We worked with some great people to create the video, the script was written by Heather Ditch, the animation by Cosmic Monocle and the voiceover was kindly given by actor and charity patron Dean Andrews (of Life on Mars fame!)


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