On your marks. Get set. Go… No wait someone’s crashed already.

During working hours our relationship with Signs Express is a professional one. Out of hours, however, it’s become quite competitive.

Our first Cafeteria vs Signs Express challenge was ten pin bowling. Suffice to say they crushed us. But what did we expect from a team that spends their day installing big metal signs, power was on their side.

The second challenge was go-karting. With two of the Cafeteria team still having their provisional license in their wallets, we weren’t holding out much hope. But little did Signs Express know that Dan “Hamilton” Reed was our ace in the hole.

Clocking in a best lap of 34.447 seconds (Catherine sitting at other end of the score sheet with a cautious 39.247) Dan stormed to victory and graced the podium to accept the coveted TeamSport™ trophy. Who need a Yellow Pencils ay?

With one a piece, a rubber match is definitely on the cards. Who knows what the challenge might be? Paintballing? Sumo wrestling? Pistols at dawn? Time will tell.

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