Fedrigoni Top Award — 100 Years of Flux

Back in 2017 we were asked by The University of Sheffield’s ‘Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering‘, or EEE for short, to design a piece of print that would celebrate 100 years of groundbreaking research undertaken by a multitude of buzzing, independent minds.

As it turns out, a lot can happen in 100 years and we were quickly supplied a wealth of copy and content; portraits and group shots of varying quality, architects plans, graphs, statistics and detailed scientific scans. But how to make good on a centenary of progress across 178 printed pages?

After much deliberation, drawing, typesetting, kerning, artworking and general grafting the final hardback book came off press at the end of last year with the ink sitting on four stalwart Fedrigoni stocks and copy set in 3 complimentary San Serif typefaces; Compacta BT, New Rail Alphabet and Adelle.

We referenced electrical circuit boards by opting for a deep green and teal colour palette throughout, with contrasting white text on the outer cover and a vibrant blue on the inside cover to make it pop. It was important to characterise the work of the department throughout the book and we did so by drawing a series of diagrammatic icons, printing them over full page black and white photographs using a coppery metallic ink to really bring them to life. On the front cover this translated to a metallic foiling, giving the book an extra level of tactility and a more luxurious feel.

From Sheffield to Italy — the book has now made it to the second round of the prestigious Fedrigoni Top Awards (we promise there’s been no backhanders from our resident Italian). We’re proud of this piece of print, as both designers and bibliophiles, and always look forward to getting a new print project in-studio.

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