A summer of interns

It’s always fun having interns in the studio. Not only to give graduate designers some industry experience and scare the bejesus with real world deadlines, but to keep us on our toes too. No matter who you are or how long you’ve been doing the job, a good idea is a good idea. And young designers are brimming with them.

Julia, Charlie and Ben were a part of the team over the summer months. Here’s what they said about their time at Cafeteria.

Julia Whalley

Interning at Cafeteria, for me, is what you call “landing on your feet”. With it being my first internship opportunity straight out of university, my nerves were at all time high. This feeling didn’t last long.

I would never have expected to have learnt so much on my first day, so being able to spend three weeks here was an invaluable experience. From shortcuts to thinking beyond the standard deliverables, it was truly enjoyable to learn how to create innovative work for real-life projects.

Having followed their work for sometime, it was great to feel so welcomed by the studio and see their approach to their fantastic and well-crafted work.

Being able to bounce ideas around the studio and receive constructive feedback was really satisfying and I could not be more thankful to Cafeteria for their guidance.

I am grateful for the new-found skills and an experience that I will always remember.

Two characters created by Charlie's Dad for NPower.

Charlie Hurst

My time as a Cafeteria Intern was an amazing two weeks filled with great experiences and building a knowledge of the design world from the professionals. I found that they are great bunch who bounce off each other to create clever design (with the occasional chit chat in-between) and made me feel part of the team. Unlike my university course I finally got to work on design that was not for me but for an audience, this was great for a introduction into my placement year which I’m currently in before returning to Sheffield Hallam in 2018.

For anyone who is looking to do a internship at the Cafeteria I think you can’t go wrong


Ben had a lovely distinct illustration style.

Ben Creak

My internship at The Cafeteria has really opened my eyes to the real world of Graphic Design. I have developed new skills and techniques, which in-turn will help me to communicate efficiently with future clients as well as design effective outcomes that will fulfill their key objective.

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